10 Tips on How to Survive School

Most people consider the time they spent in school as the most stressful parts of their life. Others find it unnecessarily restrictive while others leave worse than they joined. However, this section of your life can be fun and fulfilling as well. Below are ten tips on how to survive school.

1. For a reason and a season


Any of these tips can be first on this list, but I chose one that helped me withstand school life: the understanding of the fact that you are there only for a reason and just for a season, like everyone else. Your purpose is to gain academic knowledge, seek it. When the going gets tough, only remember that it is just for a season. Again, do not attempt to extend it by failing your exams.


2. Get organized


Students can take away their peace in school by being disorganized. Know when the exams, tests, classes and assignments are due. Plan your time correctly and leave very little to chance. Prepare snacks like white rice pudding recipe early on. 


3. Balance studies and play


Spending every minute of the day in the library or partying every day of the week are two extremes you must avoid. The school allows you to develop both academically and socially. So work on your social life. Go out there and have fun, know when to stop and go back to your books.


4. You do not have to be a friend to everyone


You do not have to be friends with everybody. There are some associations that you must avoid at all cost. The good old book talks about wrong friends corrupting good character. Therefore, choose your friends wisely.


5. Remain true to principle


Those do not have firm principles wreck their lives in school. Have life values and live by them. It is never too late to start developing principles. Some of them include doing your assignments yourself and condemning every form of uncouth behaviors.


6. Leave drugs alone


You may spend your school life doing drugs and even find a way of rationalizing it. However, this does not change the fact that drugs are good for nobody. It destroys your learning capacity and cuts your usefulness in life.

7. Do not accept bullying


Bullying comes in different forms, and anyone who is in school goes through some of it. However, the medicine to this vice is not taking it silently. If you cannot stand up to the guy, find someone who can. Report them to the school authorities or the police.


8. Listen to your parents


Parents are the last people teenagers wish to listen to at this age. However, despite their overbearing control and protection, they are humans. They have probably walked through the path you are going through and understand it better than you do. Above, they care about you and will support you. So open and let them help you.


9. Be real


The urge to “belong” is almost irresistible during school life. You can only survive this by staying right. It will not earn you many friends. However, it will win you the best ones.


10. Respect our teachers


Teachers can make your life harder than it ought to be when you are arrogant and disrespectful. Being kind to your teachers will cut you some slack when you do not hand in your assignments on time or arrive late for attest. Only remember that friendly people are not sycophants.